Rules of Literary Gamer

These are the rules that I am going to follow when creating my reviews.

  1. Experience the product before doing the review.
    1. Read the book, watch the movie, play the game, etc.
    2. In the case of video games, get 100% completion or as close as I can get.
    3. For video games, evaluate it based off of the vanilla game. Any mods get their own review if I even review them at all.
  2. Adaptations
    1. First, review the original as its own standalone work
    2. Second, review the adaptation as its own standalone work
    3. Third, compare and contrast the two
  3. Include a link to the product in case someone wants to experience it for themselves
    1. Exceptions for truly heinous or worthless works
  4. Any series will be done with the first product produced and then working my way up to the most recent.

Possibly more to come.


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