Discworld in a Year Ending

Well, it’s the end of my “Discworld in a Year” challenge, and I have concluded that it was a resounding failure. However, I have figured out why that challenge failed. First, it was too ambitious. Discworld has dozens of books, and when I started the challenge I only had a small fraction of them. Second, I got tired of it after a while. I don’t mean that Discworld was bad, not by any means. It was similar to having your favorite meal for the twentieth meal in a row. After a while, I just felt like I wanted something different. As a result, it was difficult to get through all of the Discworld books. And third, I’m a lazy rat. Considering that I didn’t make a new post for over six months, there’s no point in avoiding that. I was just too lazy, and, if I’m perfectly honest with myself, that’s probably the main reason that I failed the challenge.

Despite this failure, I have to say that I really enjoyed doing it. Because of this challenge, I discovered a wonderful author and explored a beautiful world that I can’t wait to explore more of. I haven’t written reviews for every Discworld book that I’ve read, but believe me that they’re coming.

I had planned on doing a different challenge every year, but considering how the past year went, I just want to focus on keeping these reviews on schedule. Hopefully this year will be more consistent.


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