House of Many Ways

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House of Many Ways
Cover image to House of Many Ways

The final part of the World of Howl, House of Many Ways tells the story of Charmain Baker. When her great uncle grows sick and has to be taken elsewhere for treatment, young Charmain needs to take of his house in his absence. However, she quickly learns that living in a wizard’s house isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds. It would help if she could put a book down long enough to do anything.

My Similarities to Charmain

When I first started reading this book, I couldn’t really stand Charmain. One moment she seems childish and helpless, but the next moment she’s arrogantly bossing people around. And that’s if she ever puts down one of her books. However, I then realized how many similarities I have with her and began to sympathize with her more. We’re both introverts who wish to be left alone with our book. Furthermore, both of us have spent so much time in our books that we don’t really have any practical skills. While I still don’t particularly like her, I began to realize where she was coming from emotionally.

Another Part of the Diana Jones Formula

In my review of Castle in the Sky, I noted how Diana Wynne Jones was able to cleverly hide her characters in plain site. In this book, I noticed another trick that she consistently uses namely that every character in the book makes an appearance at the finale. Even characters that the reader was told was unimportant make a return appearance and contribute in some way.

Final Thoughts

While this sequel may not be as well known as it’s predecessor, that doesn’t make it a bad book in any way. If anything, my only disappointment is that there isn’t more to the World of Howl.

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